• Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Editorial Policy

At Prop Trading Critic, we are dedicated to providing precise, insightful, and pertinent content that aids our readers in their proprietary trading and investment ventures. We adhere to high standards of journalistic integrity, ensuring our content is equitable, credible, and dependable.

Accuracy and Objectivity

Our devoted team, including writers, editors, and market analysts, endeavors to guarantee our content’s accuracy, contemporaneity, and impartiality. We rigorously fact-check our articles, rely on credible sources, and aim to deliver a well-rounded perspective on events.


Transparency is a cornerstone of our philosophy. Should content be sponsored or include affiliate links, we’ll make this clear at the article’s outset. Our editorial independence is paramount; advertiser influence on our content is non-existent.


We pledge to correct any inaccuracies swiftly and with transparency. Upon discovering any errors, we’ll promptly update the article and append a correction notice at its conclusion.

Editorial Independence

Our editorial team maintains autonomy from our advertising department. Editorial and coverage decisions rest solely with our editors and journalists, grounded in what’s deemed most beneficial for our audience.

Conflict of Interest

We meticulously avoid conflicts of interest. Should any member of our team have a personal interest or connection that might bias their output, it must be disclosed. In such cases, they may be reassigned from specific content pieces.


Commitment to utilizing trustworthy, high-caliber sources and appropriately citing them is fundamental to our work. We honor copyright and fair use doctrines, inviting our readers to further investigate the sources we reference.