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Oneuptrader.com Review (One Up Trader Review) Is One Up Trader Prop Trading Firm Scam or Legit?


ByLeon Kramer

Mar 17, 2024
One Up Trader Review
One Up Trader Review
One Up Trader is a prop trading form which we give a score of 3.7 out of 5. The platform didn't meet our expectations due to its inability to trade forex and the absence of MetaTrader 4 integration.
Overall Score

One Up Trader

One Up Trader is a pioneering proprietary trading firm that eliminates the hurdles of challenges and profit targets for traders aspiring to manage instant funded accounts. Established in the United Kingdom, One Up Trader was conceived with a singular goal, which is to empower every trader with the chance to engage in risk-free trading. This company’s unique approach sets it apart in the trading industry. Unlike traditional prop firms, this one places no barriers in the form of challenges or profit targets for traders aiming to access funded accounts.

This firm remains committed to fostering a supportive environment that encourages growth and opportunity. Since its inception, One UP Trader has witnessed a steady growth in its trader community each month. This not only reflects the trust placed in One Up Trader but also opens up a myriad of possibilities for traders within the dynamic trading landscape. Continue reading this review to learn more about this firm.

Offering Trader Centric Solutions

When exploring this firm’s offerings, I noticed that One Up Trader takes great pride in delivering versatile trading methods. Distinguished as one of the most transparent proprietary firms in the trading sphere, One UP Trader stands out by combining exceptional client support, an easy to use dashboard that allows traders to track their individual progress, along with a first-rate support system centered around its valued clients. Their commitment to flexibility and a trader-focused approach sets them apart. With a range of trading methods at your disposal, One UP Trader empowers you to navigate the markets in a way that suits your preferences and goals.

By signing up with this firm, you can get a first-hand experience of their openness, user-friendly interface, and top-tier client support. With this company, your trading journey is not just about methods; it’s about a partnership that prioritizes your progress and success.

Helping Traders who Don’t Have Enough Funds

One Up Trader stands as a vital ally for traders who lack their personal capital but are eager to establish a thriving trading venture, both in the digital realm and through physical interactions. The firm extends substantial initial capital commitments and boasts a market-leading payout rate, enabling traders to sidestep common pitfalls such as overtrading and rookie mistakes.

The firm’s commitment to the trader community goes beyond mere financial support. The professionals here actively listen to the platform’s vast community, ensuring that every trader feels valued. Through closely monitored Discord chat, along with multiple support channels, One UP Trader facilitates an ongoing dialogue where feedback is not just heard but genuinely taken into consideration. This firm recognizes that success in trading is not just about capital; it’s about fostering a community where every trader’s voice matters. Once you sign up, you can navigate the complexities of the trading world with confidence.

A Look at the Instant Funding Accounts

One Up Trader presents a unique opportunity with instant funding accounts, eliminating the need for long and tiresome evaluation phases. The firm’s distinct approach sets it apart by waiving things like challenges, profit targets and whatnot. This distinctive feature makes the firm’s accounts particularly appealing to some of the most accomplished traders in the industry.

Empowering you with the freedom of choice is at the core of One UP’s philosophy. With no restrictive hurdles, you have the liberty to select the account that aligns seamlessly with your trading strategy. It is worth mentioning here that, all of this firm’s accounts operate in a “demo” mode, mitigating concerns about potential losses. This innovative structure allows you to focus on refining your skills without the usual constraints, fostering an environment conducive to optimal trading performance.

Offering Flexibility that is Unmatched

At One Up Trader, flexibility is key. Traders have the liberty to maintain multiple accounts, with the condition that the collective sum of managed funds doesn’t surpass £100,000. To further enhance the trader’s potential, a unique benefit is offered in the form of a deposit equivalent to 25% of the initial deposit on the trading account, up to a maximum allocated capital of five million per trader.

This exclusive opportunity arises when a trader achieves consistent success, generating profits exceeding fifteen percent for four consecutive months. The result is a tangible demonstration of One Up Trader’s commitment to rewarding and supporting traders who demonstrate sustained excellence in their trading endeavors. It wouldn’t be a far stretch to say that this firm empowers traders with opportunities that reflect their dedication and success in the dynamic world of trading.

Final Thoughts

One Up Trader provides a robust solution for those seeking instant funded accounts, leveraging the services of IC Markets, a prominent brokerage firm known for its outstanding trading conditions across a diverse range of financial instruments. This partnership ensures that traders benefit from top-notch trading conditions, enhancing their overall trading experience.

You also have the option of using MT4/MT5 demo accounts. What’s more, One Up Trader extends a valuable opportunity for traders to familiarize themselves with the platform while also earning a share of the profits. This combination shows the firm’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and rewarding trading experience for anyone who signs up.


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