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Funded Trading Plus Review (fundedtradingplus.com) Is Funded Trading Plus Prop Trading Firm a Proper Firm or a Scam?


ByLeon Kramer

Mar 17, 2024
Funded Trading Plus Review
Funded Trading Plus Review
Funded Trading Plus is a prop trading form which we give a score of 3.6 out of 5. The trailing drawdown is concerning. In our view, E8 extended could be improved by offering unlimited trading days through FT+.
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Funded Trading Plus

For traders seeking capital to get started, the Overview Funding Program stands out as a prospective solution. This prop trading firm distinguishes itself from conventional platforms by furnishing traders with substantial capital and a strong emphasis on effective risk management strategies. In this Funded Trading Plus review, we we’ll talk about the offerings of this company, aiding you in assessing whether it aligns with your objectives.

This firm is vastly popular for its streamlined customer service and prompt payout system, boasting a high satisfaction rate among its clients. It’s crucial to recognize that achieving success with Funded Trading Plus depends on things like prioritizing risk management and creating a solid trading strategy. Read further to learn how this proprietary firm can facilitate you in your journey.

Solid Alternative to Traditional Platforms

Since its inception only a couple of years ago, Funded Trading Plus has rapidly emerged as a distinctive player in the financial landscape. The company’s commitment to providing innovative funding alternatives sets it apart, offering traders a unique avenue for accessing plenty of capital without the hindrance of stringent contracts or complex challenges.

Funded Trading Plus’s approach stands in contrast to the conventional models employed by many proprietary firms, which often rely on verifications, predefined profit targets, challenges and whatnot. Instead, Funded Trading Plus empowers traders by granting them the flexibility to engage in leveraged trading. Every available account offers leverages up to an impressive 1:100 ratio. This stands in stark contrast to the more conservative leverage ratios typically offered by instant funding proprietary firms, which commonly range between 1:10 and 1:30.

This elevated leverage ratio significantly enhances the trading capacity of individuals, allowing for more extensive market exposure and potential returns. The departure from traditional models highlights this firm’s commitment to providing traders with a dynamic and accommodating platform tailored to their needs.

Keeping things Transparent and Simple

In navigating the massive and highly competitive financial sphere, traders can appreciate the simplicity and transparency that comes with Funded Trading Plus. The absence of convoluted challenges and profit targets simplifies the trading experience, enabling traders to focus on implementing effective risk management strategies and refining their trading approach.

As a direct financing company, Funded Trading Plus has not only redefined the funding paradigm but has also established itself as a trusted partner in the journey of traders who are looking for better opportunities. Whether you are an experienced trader or just beginning your trading venture, exploring the unique features and advantages of Funded Trading Plus may prove to be highly instrumental in aligning your trading goals with a platform that values flexibility, risk management and innovation.

Helpful Demo Account for Traders

Funded Trading Plus extends support to traders through the provision of demo accounts, creating a risk-free environment for exploration and learning. These demo accounts come without the obligation of signing any contracts, enabling traders to test their strategies and acquaint themselves with the platform’s features before making any long term commitments.

The availability of demo accounts is a strategic move by Funded Trading Plus to foster a conducive learning environment. Traders can engage in simulated trading scenarios, honing their skills and gaining confidence in their strategies without exposing themselves to real financial risks. This thoughtful approach shows that this firm remains dedicated to empowering traders, ensuring they are well-prepared and comfortable before transitioning to live trading.

When you feel sufficiently prepared and ready to transition from simulation to real-market conditions, Funded Trading Plus offers a seamless process. By signing a contract, traders can swiftly transition to trading with real capital, armed with the insights and confidence gained from their demo account experience. This phased approach reflects this firm’s dedication to providing a user-friendly and supportive platform that caters to traders at various stages of their journey, from learning to live trading.

Unique Instant Funding Program

A standout feature of Funded Trading Plus is its distinctive instant funding program. What makes it particularly noteworthy is the ability for traders to secure funding of up to £5 million swiftly and without the need to commit to any contractual agreements. This sets Funded Trading Plus apart from other proprietary firms that provide instant funding, as they typically offer leverage ratios ranging between 1:10 and 1:30.

Funded Trading Plus takes this advantage to the next level by offering an impressive leverage ratio of 1:100 across all available accounts. This represents a significant enhancement compared to the more conservative leverage ratios prevalent in the industry. The absence of contractual obligations in the instant funding process simplifies and expedites the onboarding experience for traders. This aligns with this firm’s commitment to providing a user-friendly platform that empowers traders to access substantial capital efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Funded Trading Plus provides traders with a user-friendly platform characterized by a high degree of flexibility. One of the standout features is the transparent payout system, which distinguishes the company from many others. This system allows traders to earn in accordance with their performance, creating a direct link between success and financial rewards.


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