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FidelCrest Review (fidelcrest.com) Is FidelCrest Prop Trading Firm Scam or Legit?


ByLeon Kramer

Mar 17, 2024
Is FidelCrest Prop Trading Firm Scam or Legit
FidelCrest Review
FidelCrest is a prop trading form which we give a score of 3.8 out of 5. Not suitable for swing or position traders. After being funded, all positions must be closed to receive payouts, undergo account checks, and then wait days for new credentials.
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FidelCrest is a distinctive proprietary trading platform, embodying the essence of a brokerage company that provides funding to traders. This arrangement enables traders to execute trades with allocated funds. The process to sign-up is user-friendly, as individuals can establish a pre-funded trading account at FidelCrest for a modest fee. This opens the door to a realm of trading possibilities, allowing users to potentially realize tangible profits.

This platform retains the authority to replicate trades occurring in an FidelCrest account, with the flexibility to make adjustments for accounts that demonstrate a positive profit history. FidelCrest provides a comprehensive and dynamic trading experience, where users can explore the intricacies of trading with the potential for significant returns. Continue reading this review to learn more about this prop firm’s offerings.

Collect Payouts in a Hassle Free Manner

At FidelCrest, account holders enjoy the flexibility of collecting payouts or withdrawing profits every twenty-eight days, providing a regular and convenient payout schedule. Diversification is at the forefront of this firm, as account holders have the option to allocate their funds across various asset classes, including forex, commodities, stock bonds, indices and more.

Accessibility is key, and FidelCrest makes it easy for traders to reach out for assistance. The highly professional customer support team is readily available to address queries and frequently asked questions through a range of social media platforms. Whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, Facebook, or X, this firm ensures that traders can connect with support seamlessly across multiple channels. Your trading experience here is not only lucrative but also supported by a responsive and accessible customer service network.

Signing Up is Pretty Straightforward

To join FidelCrest, users can easily sign up using their active email address. However, the crucial aspect lies in understanding the profit-sharing and fee structure when selecting the most fitting account. It’s essential to highlight that an FidelCrest account is essentially a demo trading account that traders choose to acquire for a fee.

This fee is determined by two key factors, which are the funding capital and the profit-sharing percentage. The funding capital represents the amount of capital allocated to the trader for trading activities, while the profit-sharing percentage determines the portion of profits shared with the trader. Effectively, these factors shape the cost and benefits associated with acquiring an account with this prop firm, making it vital for users to carefully consider these elements when making their account selection.

Trading on FidelCrest

Once traders have acquired a pre-funded demo account, they can kick start their trading journey by formulating strategic approaches and engaging in investment activities. Account holders will encounter daily margin payments, a detail communicated during the account creation process. For traders experiencing profitable outcomes, the opportunity to collect payouts shows up every twenty-eight days. It’s imperative for traders to close all open positions before the next payout deadline; otherwise, these positions will be carried over to the subsequent payout date.

Flexibility is key, and some account holders have the option to adjust their profit-sharing ratio later by paying a predetermined fee for the switch. To ensure a fair and transparent trading environment, FidelCrest has outlined three essential rules for all account holders to adhere to. First off, they have to maintain a total account balance and equity above the difference of the daily maximum balance and account margin.

Users also have to abide by the maximum withdrawal limit, capped at 10% of the total initial funding capital. Plus, you must adhere to the Trader Value Rule, wherein a daily profit/loss ratio exceeding twenty-five percent since the first day of trading or the last payout may result in a payout postponement until the next account review date. These rules contribute to a secure and well-regulated trading environment at FidelCrest.

Helping Traders Improve

FidelCrest not only serves as a reliable trading platform but also serves as an invaluable resource for investors seeking to refine their trading acumen. Tailored to accommodate the exploration of innovative trading strategies, this platform offers a dynamic environment for market analysis. What sets FidelCrest apart is its commitment to providing a low-risk avenue for investors to delve into real-time trading.

By giving investors the chance to make profits in actual market conditions, the firm bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. This unique feature not only enhances the learning curve but also instills confidence in investors as they witness the tangible outcomes of their strategies.

Final Thoughts Wrapping things up, this platform operates as a learning ground, where you can gain hands-on experience, honing your decision-making skills and market insights. As a result, FidelCrest emerges not just as a trading platform but as a comprehensive educational tool that empowers traders to navigate the complexities of the financial markets without unnecessary hurdles.


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